This ‘n’ That in the New Year

UNION-JACKIEThe New Year of 2015 is now well on the way and so many things have already happened. I planned a little post about my Great British Christmas, as Valentina has asked for the details. If anyone else wants to read about it, from a Balkan point of view let me know and I’ll happily oblige, even though that theme is (a bit) passé now.

I hope you all had a good break and spent the holiday time with your loved ones. And that there were no ‘big explosions’ (somebody’s glass usually gets overfull around that time when the family are gathered).

It was getting rather overwhelming before and after Christmas and also immediately after the New Year, so I decided to take a break from social media, lay low for a while and gather my thoughts (no, I wasn’t wool-gathering!).

I have been following some Balkan blogs over the past two years. Some of them are beauty and lifestyle blogs and some are different; more of a … venting kind. Where bloggers vent their feelings about the everlasting sorry state of Croatian/Balkan lifestyle in a perpetually bad economy. One could say that I’m looking back to my roots…

As Nigel Farage is now in the UK Parliament (Thanet Constituency in Kent) and vocal about his views, I started thinking about the fact that I am an immigrant myself. Then Charlie Hebdo events reminded me that I grew up in a time when freedom of speech was unheard of in our part of the world. And that that still might be the case. So I decided to write a bit about the UK from my ‘immigrant’ point of view.

Because there are plenty of great people here and in other countries who are also immigrants for one reason or another. We started new lives in our new ‘abodes’ and we contribute to our new country. I love the UK and this is where I feel at home. I want to write about why I love it here, from the point of view of somebody who’s grown up in the Balkans (might as well be Mars).

Do you know an immigrant? Are you one?

4 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That in the New Year

  1. Hej imigrantice…s obzirom da veći dio svog života živiš u UK više nisi imigrantica!!! Imaš UK huzbanda i ti si za mene UK žena u smislu imigrirala zbog ljubavi :-).
    Stoj mi dobro and I sent you big hug and kissss XO!

    • Hahahaha!! U neku ruku se i slazem s tobom, uvijek sam vise bila kod kuce u UK, nego u HR. S druge strane znas da mozes Balkanca izvuci s Balkana, ali Balkan iz Balkanca bas i ne! 😉 A s obzirom da nisam native British- rodjena ovdje, uvijek imam ‘vanjsku’/ ex YU/ CRO perspektivu.
      A sto se tice’Huzbanda’, pokusavam ga balkanizirati, a koliko uspijevam, e well… To je vec druga prica 😀

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