Black Friday

colourful-bags I don’t think the UK had a Black Friday before 2013. I asked The Husband where the name Black Friday comes from. He said it must have something to do with accounts and banks: if the state of the account is good, black ink is used; and debt is typically written in red ink. Of course, it means retailers’ accounts, not consumers’ accounts. Then I googled it, and discovered it has something to do with Philly cops during the 1950s and 1960s and the problems they were facing with pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Today’s start was a ‘cheerful’ one for me by hearing the ‘surprising’ (not!) news on the radio about the shopping disasters around the country. Mustn’t miss the 6 o’clock news tonight: what fun, I thought, to watch shopping madness and ‘rioting’ around the country from the comfort of my own living room!

The word ‘black followed by a name of a day sounds a bit dark and pessimistic to me. Especially if I think about shopping. Am I the only one who feels like this? Shopping and I have a love-hate relationship dating back to my ‘socialist’ childhood. I remember seeing newsworthy queues in front of small local food shops before they opened. My older cousin and I would queue for milk and bread in one shop. Our granny for something else in a second shop, and my mum and uncle for yet other essentials in a third shop.Roblox Robux Hack 2017

I remember standing in one queue for bread and my cousin (3 years my senior) in another queue for milk. When my queue came half-way towards the bread counter, a nice lady standing behind me suggested I go ahead and ask if they ran out the bread I needed to buy, so I wouldn’t waste my time and stand in the queue for nothing and she would save my place in the queue. Off I went, only to be told off by a very scary and unpleasant (to a little girl) ‘older’ man not to be trying to jump the queue because he wasn’t born yesterday and how dare I even think about trying such tricks! I got rather scared and got back to my place in front of the nice lady who was very cross with the ‘bully’ man, but decided not to do anything about it because things could have become ugly. What a character-building experience!

My cousin came back from her queue and waited with me because I must have looked rather frightened, so her protective instincts squashed the ‘beat up the younger annoying sister/cousin’ instincts momentarily (because siblings with that age difference always fight at least until they are well into their teens). The bread we wanted was sold out, so we went into a third queue to pay. For a usually ‘obnoxious’ older cousin, she was really nice that day (or at least for that part of the day!).

shopping-bags-and-legsI somehow can’t see myself queuing for a flat screen TV or whatever else at stupid o’clock and then stampeding around, or being stampeded over, just to get a bargain. I think if I did that, I’d turn into a very ugly shopping monster flattening whomever happened to be in my way. Don’t come between The Bitch and her bargains, or else!!! I know I’d get like that, and that would take any joy out of shopping for me and anyone who is with me, or anyone who happens to have the misfortune to cross my path. I like my shopping experience to be a treat and not a battle for life and death. I taught myself to shop differently and remove any stresses I could from shopping. And I am not judging those who do.

I’ll go bargain hunting throughout the whole year to try to avoid any sales stresses, monsters and stampedes. I usually find the best bargains when I least expect it and sometimes in surprising places. We try to only replace things if they’re broken or well past their ‘best-by’ date (I don’t mean food!). Husband puts it very nicely by saying that the sales are days when things are more realistically priced. I think he’s right.

If you like your Black Friday and other sales, make sure you’re fit, well padded, mentally and physically prepared and that your peripheral vision is 20:20. Maybe footwear with steel-capped toes and a helmet, too. And a mini First Aid kit just in case. Luckily not all sales are as bad or newsworthy.

I’ll be writing another post about shopping and sales with no character-building memories, with more fun and wonder when I discovered shopping in the UK as a newly arrived immigrant from the Balkans. Until then, I wish you good luck with your shopping and bargain hunting, Christmas presents shopping, etc!