Surprising meetings

You know when you meet somebody you have never met before and you just click? Like a key in a lock; like an enzyme with its substrate. Just perfect meeting of minds and tempers. You don’t meet people like that very often, at least I don’t have that fortune. But I met somebody like that very recently. It was really unexpected because the purpose of my travel and meeting was business.

I almost forgot the power and amazement of such a feeling of a ‘perfect fit’.

When that person you meet feels like a mirror of a large part of your ‘brain’, when your thoughts are travelling in parallel and you both find yourselves saying to each other: ME TOO!!! with smiles wide enough to split your faces in two. It was such an unexpected pleasure, such fun and I felt we could never stop talking. Simply put, it almost felt like our brains were having intellectual sex! I got the impression that our sense of humour and understanding of things were really similar and we could talk forever and a day. And even after we said our goodbyes before catching our own transports home, we continued texting. I couldn’t wait to tell The Husband about it, and share the happiness with him. The only downside to something like that happening is when it’s late and I’m still so happy, hyper and super-excited about it that I don’t feel like sleeping at all.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Without meaning to sound like a stalker, I really look forward to our next meeting / drink/ cuppa. I am looking forward to exchange of ideas, experience, learning new things cultural and anything else that pops into our next conversation. Further conversations may not leave you (almost) euphoric, but you will feel happy talking about everything, nothing and just being with a friend like that. You’ll learn from each other and undoubtedly grow as individuals. Your brains and thoughts will feed off each other in a good way.

Events like that are beautiful my latest blog post. They should be appreciated for what they are – rare and special.

Have you ever felt like this?

4 thoughts on “Surprising meetings

  1. First let me say, welcome to the world of blogging!!! I love the way “your place” is looking so far 🙂 And yes, I know what you’re talking about! It’s sort of like falling in love I guess, you feel the same sort of rush and excitement and can’t wait to see that person again and learn more about them. Unfortunately haven’t experienced it in a pretty long time, I don’t know why but it seems to get harder as people get older, like they’re not so ready to open up any more, I don’t know. All the more reason to cherish such moments when they do happen 🙂 p.s. ja ti bum pisala i na hrvatskom i na engleskom, moram i ja malo vježbat 😉

    • Thank you very much for your warm welcome! Pisi kako ti srcu drago, I really don’t mind 🙂
      Maybe such meetings don’t happen as often because we’re afraid to open up to each other. Maybe we take ourselves and each other too seriously. Maybe our expectations of ourselves and of each other are too high. Maybe things like that will happen when we least expect them to.

  2. Hej…tu sam,pratim te…
    Ok! Fora mi je izraz- intellectual sex- i stvarno mi je ta riječ savršena za tu vrstu osjećaja. Prošle godine sam u dućanu upoznala jednu ženu sa kojom sam KLIKNULA na prvu i jučer mi se ponovo javila i ono pitanje mislila sam da me se nećeš sjetiti a ja sam joj počela nabrajiti o čemu smo pričale prošle godine…to je to.
    Kao ono što si ti mene podsjetila na onu zgodu/priču iz kade koje se ja ni ne sjećam a onda mi se upali lampica :-))

    • Drago mi je da jos pratis. I ja sam tako srela jednu curu u ducanu lani, i opet sam je danas vidjela! I prvi put smo kliknule… 😀

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