Sugar and Spice and Tom Ford things nice…

Champagne_Tom-Ford_Counter_JarroldsI’ve written only one review of the MU / beauty sort of experience, and that’s not been published yet. So this will be the first beauty post I’m publishing. I am not sure how good I’ll be at this, but I’m giving it a try anyway. My Cup of Beauty is having an adventure!

A much as I love nail polishes and makeup, I’m not really obsessed with it and my life doesn’t depend on it. I enjoy using nail polishes (often) and makeup (when I can be bothered). I’m not a beauty expert or anything, but I thought I’d share my opinion. I hope you find it useful and share your thoughts with me.

If you read my post about a day in Norwich, you’ll know that I had a spur of the moment mani at the new Tom Ford counter in Jarrold store. I promised a post on those polishes and here it is.

I prefer a proper mani, when you can sit and relax for a while and have a breather, not worry if I’m going to be late for my next appointment or whatever is in my diary/planner. While this was a lovely impromptu mani, the Husband and I were in a rush.

This was only the 5th mani I ever had, but I did notice yet again my nails were filed as they shouldn’t be (in more than one direction). I am really careful about this when I do my own nails as they break in layers easily. The only time I had experienced ‘proper’ nail filing was by a French professional at a hotel spa in Monaco. Not surprising, considering the location.

Anyway…Christine from the TF counter said that the mani is complimentary and that there was no pressure of purchasing. Which was great as I really don’t like pressure selling and run from it like from the Plague.

I was looking through the selection of all the nail varnish bottles Tom Ford counter had and found it hard to make up my mind and choose one gorgeous colour. So I chose two colours instead: Ginger Fire and Black Sugar wikipedia reference.

Ginger fire is a gorgeous, shimmery, vibrant orange with a tiny hint of red. I think it would look great on both lighter and darker skin tones (my opinion, not evidence!).


Black Sugar is a creamy, taupe base with just a hint of red shimmer. That hint of red shimmer is precisely that, a very subtle hint. It is more visible in the bottle than on the nails (even with three layers), which is a real shame.


Brush wasn’t ideal if you prefer wider brushes, like Essie (retail).

Both these colours were quite sheer and needed 3 layers for full coverage (after their base coat). With only two layers of Black Sugar, some uneven coverage was clearly visible. Very slight tip wear started on day 3 and by the next day, the tips were chipped, so I removed it. Rather disappointing for a costly price tag of £26 (12ml).


Would I buy these two colours? Not for that price tag and the hassle of three layers minimum. I can do without it. I’ll probably play with my Bourjois 04Taupe classy and OPI Die Another Day. I won’t get the same mix and texture, but I’ll have fun trying.

Have you tried any Tom Ford polishes? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Tom Ford things nice…

  1. dakle, samo što se nisam onesvijestila kad si rekla cijenu. 26 funti ne koštaju svi moji lakovi za nokte zajedno! mislim da i svoje nokte ubacim u računicu, ni to ne košta 26 funti. da i noge i ruke računam, sigurna sam da ne prelaze 20 :O

    treći dan… imam lakove za euro koji drže duže…. zapravo, najjeftiniji mi na kraju ispadnu najisplativiji kako god okreneš. iznimka je anny, ti lakovi su nevjerojatni.

  2. Da, cijena nije bas divna! Zaboravila sam reci da sam kupila negdje lani (ja mislim) od Illamasque Nude collection sa 4 laka za £26. Pa sad ti racunaj. A i ja ih imam par bas jeftinih od essence £1.60 i traju mi kos i jos 🙂 Anny nemamo ovdje, kakvi su njihovi?

  3. …toliko love, a četkica prosječna, chipa se već treći dan i moraš mazat tri sloja…no thanx :/ usput dobro ti idu ove bjuti recenzije, neš ti filozofije uostalom :))

    • Hvala ti, Mika! znaci tebi se svidjaju moje ‘pristojne, bez dlake na jeziku’ recenzije? Nisam sama mazala, pa tako ni drzala u rukama cep s cetkicom. Pa tako nisam ni sama isprobala. Cudno mi je kad gledam nekoga kad mi lakira nokte i to radi facing my hands. Nikako ne kuzim kako to mazanje lijepo moze ispast :-p .daj ti meni dobru cetkicu, i ruke sa strane, pa se ja nalakiram kako dolikuje 🙂

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