A Day Out in Norwich

Husband and I went to Norwich on Thursday after we voted. A Fine City, Norwich. As usual, we had a good time there. But I thought I’d write a little post about it because I had really great time and lots of fun, it felt like a little outing.

I love Norwich. We lived there for a few years while I was studying at the UEA. Since we’re still living ‘in the neighbourhood’ (one county down), we like to come up and visit our friends whenever we can. Apart from being a good place to shop, it also has some hills, a nice change flatness of the Fens in Cambs.


We had our traditional lunch at The Pantry in Jarrold’s. We first went there while shopping in the haberdashery part of the store years ago. I like having lunch there because of their lovely cold meats and salad bar. Pantry_napkinIf you don’t make roast dinners yourself, this is a good place to have a delicious roast. If you’d prefer something warm and quick, an omelette or a soup might be more up your street. I never tried those, and keep thinking I will, but I see the salad bar and forget about everything else. I love my salads, so I piled my plate with tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, a bit of mackerel, a hardboiled egg, olives, mixed salad, etc.; as we planned a late dinner with family and colleagues. I topped it off with a caramel tart and a pot of English tea. As we were there during the week this time, instead of the weekend, the restaurant was rather quiet. We could actually hear ourselves talk (not just enjoying the view), and I chatted to friendly staff there.PAntry_salad-1 Pantry_salad-2

After we stuffed ourselves almost like Christmas turkeys, we had a quick walk down the stairs to the ground floor. As I was dragging my feet through the Makeup and Beauty department, looking and turning everywhere, a lady from Tom Ford counter asked if I’d like a complementary manicure as they are introducing nail polish into their range of products in the store. I saw another lady enjoying hers with a glass of champagne, so I said, why not! Surprise, surprise *rolls eyes* continue reading this. Never mind the eternal waiting Husband who was ‘forced’ to go out and entertain himself while I was being pampered by a great guy called Chris, whose mother comes from the Balkans. I chose Ginger Fire (gorgeous, shimmery orange with a tiny hint of red) and Black Honey (a creamy taupe with just a hint of red shimmer). Thank you, Chris and Danielle!Champagne_Tom-Ford_Counter_JarroldsTF_mani_ginger-fire_black-honey

A stone’s throw away from Jarrold’s is a lovely tea and coffee shop – Wilkinson’s of Norwich where I stock up on some teas, when I can’t get what I want locally or want to try something different.Wilkinsons_tea_4_every_occassion

After that, a good talk on the exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – Francis Bacon and the Masters . If you’re in Norwich, I recommend seeing it before it closes on 26th July. Some of the works exhibited in this exhibition have not been shown in the UK before. There’s plenty to see, so don’t go around savouring the exhibition on an empty tummy. Unless you are one of those people who practically runs through exhibitions and museums and don’t really think about the works displayed. Picnic on the UEA Broad  or a snack or lunch in the cafe there with a view of gorgeous sculptures are a bonus.

6 thoughts on “A Day Out in Norwich

  1. Baš ste imali dobar izlet 🙂
    Sviđa mi se mjesto za jesti i ponuda, meni su isto salate super. Dan proveden u muzeju je dan dobro proveden! Osim toga, gratis manikura je divna stvar, i sviđaju mi se boje koje si odabrala. I baš ti dobro stoje i super mi je kad se lakira s dvije boje ( to i ja radim) 😉

  2. Hvala ti, Zuba! 😀 da i ja sam htjela nesto lijepo, a onda se nisam mogla odluciti izmedju boja, pa reko sto se i moram odlucivati! Zena je naglasila da manikura ne obavezuje kupnju, pa sam pristala jer inace ne volim kad mi se tura pod nos da nesto kupim, a ja nisam 100% sigurna. Si interesirana za mali review ove dvije nijanse?

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