A Cup(ful) of Loving

This lovely heart brooch was made by Angela Cuthill at artysmarty

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday. The hearts, cards, chocolates and everything else for Him and Her has been in the shops’ windows for ages, since early January. The red hearts and roses and everything else is screaming at you from shop shelves, ads on TV and radio; special books and films coming out, CDs or singles being released, etc. It’s all coming out of your ears, there’s SO much of it, absolutely everywhere and you can’t escape it! Or maybe you don’t mind at all. You not only don’t want to escape it, you also can’t wait for another excuse to buy your loved one some flowers or chocolate or have a whole Valentine weekend. I wish you happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday and I hope you had a lovely and happy day (evening and night included) and that you are still enjoying a lovely Valentine weekend with your loved one(s).

I say it only today, a day later, because Husband and I have been disgustingly busy and haven’t had a moment free to ourselves. So we spent our Valentine’s Day travelling on a train home very tired and grumpy, but still very loving to each other. Then we zombied out on the sofa with loads of tea, a mind numbing book and telly.

But being overwhelmingly busy doesn’t mean we didn’t appreciate each other or express our love and gratitude for each other. I told him in advance not to get me anything or do anything special because I wanted to protest against all this retail and money spending circus (just my grumpy opinion – you don’t have to share it). And I told him not to expect anything on the day slimming products. The day before or after is fine, just not on the actual Valentine’s Day. Why? Well, because I think we should express our loving feelings to our loved ones anytime and any day and not on demand and when we’re told to by retail or radio or TV or advertising companies.

So I do just that whenever I feel like it. And so does the Husband. A random card, or loving words or flowers or chocolates/biscuits or whatever it occurs to either of us, or something small and insignificant act of loving for each other. And then it’s a wonderful surprise. And it’s treasured just as much, if not more.

Having said all that, we both apologised to each other for not getting anything for one another. He bought a little box of heart shaped biscuits and I bought a silly little card for him. So much for not being part of the Valentine ‘madness’ crowd!Cupf-of-Loving

And now that there’s still some of the Valentine’s weekend left, I’ll go and spend it with him.

How did you spend the Valentine’s Day and the weekend? Do you have little rituals or random things you do throughout the rest of the year and then ‘protest’ on the day?

Happy Valentine’s for yesterday and what’s left of the Valentine’s weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Cup(ful) of Loving

  1. Hajde da raspalim “english one”-ti popravljaj ako zabrljam.
    Helooou dear.
    My name was very popular yesterday, I’m so glad that some of my friends remember me and my nameday (valjda je to prava rijec?) (Imendan) so thank you, dear, you are one of them.

    Dakle……da ne petljam engleski i da ti ne zadajem puno posla za ispravljanje…. nikada nisam podlegla slavljenju dana zaljubljenih već slavim imendan iako sam na Valentinovo i zaručena…(davno:-) )…dan kao i svaki drugi.
    Ja volim kolotečinu ljubavi i nježnosti koja je svakodnevna a ne samo diktiranim praznikom ali uživam u tome da dragom ipak poklonim sitnicu pa bila to pjena za brijanje,otopina za leće,dezodorans….
    Pusa draga i opet isto mislimo.

    • Evo ti draga moja, sad sam te gore ispravila! hihihi! Pametna si curica, pa mislis kao i ja (ocito sam jako skromna). Svakodnevne sitnice su prava stvar. xx

    • hahaha! Bas mi je drago da si mi dosla u goste. Imam jos jednu ogrlicu od njih, i sve bih odmah pokupovala!

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